Clove, a Long Story about Spice

This old kind of spice was more than an economic commodity


Coffee Talks at Veranda

Nice and warm chit chat about coffee in Jakarta


A&W Celebrates 30th Birthday with American Nacho Cheese

Unique flavor pf mixed cheese combined with jalapeno kicks are ready to served on A&W 30th Birthday


Local Feast at Holy Crab Jakarta

The Holy Crab spoiled their customers with combination of king crab, Balinese touch, and lunch menu


Museum Week: The Spice Trail

Nusantara held a central role of world spice trading history in the past.


Salmon with Fennel Salad by Gary Rhodes

It is a simple dish packed with nutrition and light flavour


First GREAT Britain Food and Drink Festival in Jakarta

GREAT Britain Food and Drink Festival in Jakarta is a celebration about British food, drink, and culture.


Educating Children to Live Healthier

Through this event, kids can understand how cooking can lead them and their family into a healthier life.


Frisian Flag Keep Innovating from New Packaging to Pop-Up Café

Frisian Flag creates “Klik, Tarik, Tuang” (Click, Pull, Pour) campaign.


Connecting People through Organic Life

OGH Expo to create organic culture.

Kitchen Tips

Savoury Egg Dishes of Various Countries

Adding variation of well-cooked savory egg from around the world in your menu can be more than satisfying for your customers.

Kitchen Tips

Simple Steps in Cold Brewing Coffee

The main principle of cold-brewing is soaking coffee in cold or room temperature water for some times and straining it when the process is done.