The resources rich country of Indonesia has been gathering momentum over the last few years boosted by a consumer driven economy and a formidable development of local tourism. Indonesian travel more and hotel operators are spreading their wings of development throughout the archipelago. With a promise of a better infrastructure environment in coming years, investment in hospitality development shows positive signs and optimism is back while the world and especially Europe is slowing down.

Second tiers cities and even third tiers cities are the new target of hospitality investors while a new generation of entrepreneurs venture into the exciting world of foodservice by opening new restaurant and cafes in their province, emulating the dynamic of the capital.

Restaurant is a "cash" business and it is an attractive one. Franchising attracts more and more, foreign brands are eyeing at the Indonesian market.

The rapid development of foodservice outlets, independent or hotelier, has generated a huge demand in skilled employees throughout the country. This is the shortage of skilled and specialized employees in an increasingly competitive market that leave the way open for professional foodservice to express themselves and assist investors.