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Tasting Uncle Sam’s Sweet Treats


Every year before summer ends, a rich-soiled land named Northwest Pacific that spreads form Washington, Oregon, to California celebrates big harvest celebration. They crops high-quality vegetables such as peas, potato, and other root vegetables and fresh fruit such as apple, pear, orange, lemon, grape, dates, and many other fruits.

There will be abundance quantity of fresh products every year in this harvest season. It can feed all people in USA. Some are dried to extend its shelf life and since the demand for fresh fruit and vegetable is high, USA also exports their products.

“However, USA only exports goods valued USD$ 3 billion to Indonesia while Indonesia’s crops exports to the USA reach USD$5 billion. I think this is our time to introduce American fresh food to Indonesia,” said Robert Blake USA Ambassador for Indonesia.

USA Food Fair is opened in 3 December 2015 in FoodHall, Senayan, Jakarta. United States Department of Agriculture launched this promotion aims to socialize all American fresh products to Indonesian consumers. This promotion is launched in more than 120 supermarkets in Indonesia.

USDA also invited Rudy Choiruddin to do cooking demonstrations using fresh and dried fruit products of the US.

“I once went to California. The temperature is constant and sun shines every day. The weather is very nice and the geographic aspect makes Northwest Pacific perfect as farm area,” said Rudy.

Rudy Choiruddin demonstrated three dishes using American fresh and dried products which are US Natural Delight Proll Tapai Medjool Dates, Fruit-Seasoned Grilled Ribs and Washington Apple, and Snow Ice with Fruit Stuff. While cooking, Rudy also shared some of the tips of using fruits in the food to prevent it from losing its texture and flavour. 

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