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Colette and Lola Christmas Promo


Christmas Promo of Colette and Lola starts this December.

Colette and Lola offers special series of Christmas Edition Cakes, 5 new big cakes, and limited edition Holiday Hampers. The promos start from December 2015. Here are the promos.

Christmas Cakes

Rudolph and Dasher

Inspired by Santa’s reindeers, these cakes are garnished with eyes and horns made of chocolate. Rudolph consists of chocolate chiffon, chocolate crispy wafers, chocolate ganache, and nutella cream. Meanwhile, Dasher consists of vanilla chiffon, white chocolate crispy wafers, strawberry jellies, and covered in vanilla cream. The cake is priced at Rp225,000.

Winter Wonderland

This cake base is made of Marie Regal biscuits soaked in Earl Grey tea. The cake is covered with white chocolate cream and topped with white chocolate barks that resemble snowy land. Almond macaron with white chocolate filling becomes the finishing touch of this cake. Winter Wonderland is priced at Rp275,000.

Big Cake Promo

Berry Blush

For fruity cake lovers, Colette and Lola prepares Berry Blush cake. This cake consists of strawberry chiffon, white chocolate cream, strawberry jelly, and yoghurt mousseline. Berry blush is priced at Rp265,000.

Ovo Milo

Ovo Milo combines two kinds of famous chocolate product in one cake which are Milo and Ovaltine. Chocolate sponge cake is layered with Milo cream and Milo jelly. The crunchy element in this cake is Milo breakfast cereal covered in dark couverture chocolate on the base. The entire cake is then glazed with Ovomaltine spread. The chocolate galore cake is priced at Rp275,000.


Operaccino is a twist of classic Opera Cake. Instead of using joconde or almond sponge cake, Operaccino uses dark chocolate sponge. This cake is layered with machiatto butter cream and French chocolate ganache. It is finished with dark chocolate glaze. Operaccino is priced at Rp265,000.

Chocolate Angel

Chocolate Angel demonstrates Colette and Lola’s new technique in cake making. Chocolate Angel consists of chocolate sponge layered with air-whipped chocolate ganache. Air-whipping process in this cake aims to make the ganache more fluffy and light. After that, this cake is glazed with chocolate ganache. Chocolate Angel is priced at Rp210,000.

Marie Me

The cake is made of Marie Regal biscuits soaked in Earl Grey tea and then topped with fresh whipped cream. Marie Me is priced at Rp230,000.

Christmas Package

Colette and Lola also provides special Christmas packages to share in Christmas occasion. Sweet Box (Rp350,000) consists of 8 jars of cookies and a greeting card. Santa’s Surprise (Rp500,000) consists of 12 boxes of cookies, 1 greeting card, 1 calendar set, and Rp50,000 big cake voucher. Jolly Basket Deluxe (Rp850,000) consists of 12 boxes of cookies, 2 jars of Lemon and Coffee Snow Whites, 2 Gingerbread cookies, 1 Gourmet Chocolate Bar, 1 Tumbler filled with Chocoballs, 1 greeting card, 1 calendar set, and Rp100,000 big cake voucher.

All of the cakes and packages are available in for dine in and takeaway. They also can be delivered in Jakarta area for flat price, Rp25,000. For delivery, visit or @COLETTELOLA on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They also can be ordered via Collete and Lola’s hotline, 021-29007997.

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