Fook Yew New Menu

Along with its third outlet opening in Mal Kelapa Gading 5, Fook Yew launched its series of new menu and Daily Mojo promotion.

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Indonesian Pre-Cooked Food in the Box

Heat and Eat: 'instant but not instant' Indonesian frozen meals

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Taste of Philadelphia in a Stack of Burger

Carl's Jr. launched Philly Cheese Steak Menu on its 15th store opening.

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Jamming Indonesian Flavor in Japanese Technology

Fully operated on first semester of 2016, PT Sonton Food Indonesia aims to combine Japanese technology with Indonesian flavour in their products.


Back to Basic: Tempe for a Healthier Life

Indonesian local wisdom leads us to live a healthier life.

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The First Certified Coffee Lab in Indonesia

As an SCAA Campus, Caswell’s Coffee is licenced to host SCAA Pathway Programs and Q Grader Sertification Course.

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Fruity Kicks in Traditional Spice Elixir

Andrea and her friends concoct Jamu Sundal with freh and fruity taste.


Betawi Ethnic Food

Betawi food which is influenced by many kinds of ethnic foods in the past needs to be preserved as it is our pride as an Indonesian.


Proll Tapai Medjool Dates by Rudy Choiruddin

Rudy Choiruddin shared one of his favorite classic cake recipes, Proll Tapai

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Tasting Uncle Sam’s Sweet Treats

USDA promotes United States' fresh products more than 120 Indonesia supermarkets


Infusing Western Herb in Local Rice Dish

Local rice dish can be more colourful with the help of assorted fresh herbs.

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Kamasean Matthews Designed Rainbow Guitar Christmas Log Cake

Collaborating with Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, Kamasean celebrates Christmas by designing a special cake.