25 - 28 April 2023

Pameran Industri F&B Asia di Singapura.

30 April - 2 Mei 2023

Pameran Bisnis Foodservice Australia di Melbourne, Australia. 

10 - 13 Mei 2023

Pameran Industri Makanan Laut dan Daging Indonesia

25 - 27 Mei 2023

Pameran Industri Kafe & Minuman di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

15 - 18 Juni 2023

Pemeran Internasional Industri F&B Indonesia di Surabaya.

Jobs Offer

New Challenge and New Career

Looking for new challenge or career in the F&B industry?


Distributor of ITALIAN well known coffee & ice cream machine looking for Senior Finance

Dicari: Pastry Chef Kue Tradisional

Mencari chef yang pandai membuat lemper, risol, dll.

Buy or Sell

SOLD-Dijual ducting-exhaust-hood bekas 8,4 meter

ducting-exhaust-hood bekas panjang 8,4 meter

Gas Kebab Machine Made in Taiwan

Gas kebab machine for your small business.

Selling Golden Star Oven

This is our special Kitchen Oven from Golden Star.