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UFS launched Royco Bumbu Dasar Ayam Kuning


Speed cooking with Royco Bumbu Dasar Ayam Kuning marked the launching of this spice mixture.

Unilever Food Solution launched Royco Bumbu Dasar Ayam Kuning in Jakarta, Wednesday (25/11). Royco Bumbu Dasar Ayam Kuning is yellow spice mixture used for cooking various Indonesian-styled chicken. This spice mixture is made from turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, galangal, garlic, and other spices. As Indonesian spice mixture is usually sautéed before used, Royco Bumbu Dasar Ayam Kuning is already sautéed as well. The ready-to-use mix is sold in 600 grams package for 40 portions of chicken which equals to 10 whole chickens.

The launching took place at Plaza Selatan Senayan, Jakarta. It was attended by Managing Director Unilever Food Solutions Thomas Agus Pamudji and 4 renowned Indonesian chefs; Vindex Tengker, Sisca Soewitomo, Widhi Joestiarto, and Muto. 

Thomas said that Royco Bumbu Dasar Ayam Kuning is a solution for restaurant and catering operators who want to cook more efficient in time, labour, and money. 

“The taste will be absorbed maximally to the meat as it is made sautéed fresh spice,” said Thomas.

To mark the day of its launching, Unilever Food Solution organized speed cooking challenge of 10.000 portions chicken in 45 minutes. The four chefs have written four recipes for this challenge. Vindex Tengker makes Ayam Woku recipe while Sisca Soewitomo makes Ayam Gulai recipe. Meanwhile, Widhi Joestiarto makes Ayam Goreng recipe when Muto makes Ayam Bakar recipe. Together, they worked as executive chefs in this challenge.

They shared their opinion about the using of Royco Bumbu Dasar Ayam Kuning in the speed cooking.

“What makes cooking in big portions challenging is the consistency. When the measurement is not right or there is a mistake in the cooking process, it will ruin the flavor of all dishes,” said Unilever Food Solutions Brand Ambassador Vindex Tengker.

A food expert and cookbook writer Sisca Soewitomo said that the key of cooking Indonesian-styled chicken dishes is ungkep technique. This Indonesian-styled cooking technique means to slow-cook the main ingredients in broth and spices mixture. It is simmered until the liquid is reduced and the consistency of the broth changes into the consistency of thick paste.

“It aims to make the meat tastier and absorb all the flavour. Cooking with this technique requires a long time,” said Sisca.

Unilever Food Solutions Executive Chef and Double U Steak Owner Widhi Joestiarto shared his experience as a restaurant owner. When cooking with big portion, cooking efficiency will be the biggest challenge. The spice mixture has short shelf life and has to be made in right amount.

Chef Muto also said that the cooking process will be much simpler if the spice mixture is already prepared. This is where Royco Bumbu Dasar Ayam Kuning helps the restaurant and catering owner.

No less than 500 cooks participated in this speed cooking challenge. The chickens – which were already half-cooked with ungkep process – are cooked in 4x4 meters giant frying pans in 45 minutes. 

This challenge is awarded “Memasak Ungkep Tercepat dengan Bumbu Dasar” (The Fastest Ungkep Cooking with Spice Mixture) by Museum Rekor Indonesia (Indonesian Record Museum). Director of Museum Rekor Indonesia Jaya Suprana himself handed the record certificate to Unilever Food Solutions Marketing Manager Javier Arias after the challenge was completed.

Most of the chicken dishes were given to Rumah Ramah Sejahtera, Yayasan Berbagi Nasi, and Yayasan Panti Asuhan Pendidikan Yatim Piatu Darul Aitam.

Text: Dina Vionetta

Picture: Alchemy

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