Management Tips

Designing Peranakan Chinese Restaurant

Some classic concepts are as interesting as the new ones if they are delivered right. One of them is Peranakan Chinese restaurant.

Management Tips

Hearty Moroccan Cuisine for Your Restaurant

Moroccan food can be a good idea for those who attempt to start an ethnic restaurant business.

Management Tips

Designing VW Kombi Food Truck

VW Kombi food trucks look simple and efficient. However, we also have to deal with their limited space.

Kitchen Tips

Storing Spices in your Kitchen

Although spice cannot expire, they do lose their flavour, aroma, and colour as time goes on. Store them properly in your kitchen.


Emerging Trend of Floral Tea

This can be your beverage choice if you want to drink something unique yet very healthy.

Management Tips

Opening a Caribbean-Themed Restaurant

Opening Caribbean-themed restaurant is a little bit tricky, but it can be the best idea if you want to stand out.

Kitchen Tips

Brewing Tea Properly in Your Cafe

Tea can be the best beverage you will ever drink when you brew it properly.

People Profile

Rahung Nasution: A Cul(t)inary Enthusiast

He is a food culture enthusiast who will always have a soft spot for his hometown, North Sumatera

Management Tips

Keeping High Cash Flow in Restaurants

There are some ways to ensure that you keep high cash flow in your restaurant.


Embracing Our Local Fruits

Here are some native fruits of Indonesia and even though we often eat them raw, there are also fun ways to turn them into fancy culinary products.