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Savoury Egg Dishes of Various Countries


Eggs will be a quick choice when you have to eat an easy and nutritious breakfast. They are also good protein to add in your lunch. Eggs can even be cooked into an inexpensive hearty dinner. These poultry products easily become everyone’s favourite since they are delicious, soft, and fulfilling whether they are cooked into sweet or savory dishes. However, we will talk only about savory dishes. Adding variation of well-cooked savory egg from around the world in your menu can be more than satisfying for your customers.

Eggs Benedict (USA)

Eggs benedict is a hearty dish that now can be easily found in many restaurants in big cities of Indonesia. This food consists of two halves of English muffin with choices of ham or bacon, two poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. This is actually a breakfast dish, but now there are many all-day breakfast concept restaurants that serve this menu whenever you want. There are also many varieties of this dish such as Eggs Florentines (Eggs Benedict that uses spinach as substitution for ham), Eggs Mornay (Eggs Benedict that uses Mornay sauce as substitution for Hollandaise sauce), and Eggs Royale (Eggs Benedict that uses smoked salmon as substitution for ham)

Huevos Rancheros (Latin American)

This dish is a famous big breakfast of Mexico. Huevos Rancheros means “rancher’s eggs” in English. A plate of Huevos Rancheros consists of a couple of fried eggs, fresh corn tortillas, and spicy salsa. Tortillas used for this dish are lightly fried so that it is crispy on the edge yet soft enough to wipe all the goodness in the sauce and yolks. The salsa made of tomato and chili should taste quite fiery. Huevos rancheros is often served with beans, guacamole or avocado, and Mexican-styled rice. There are also many variations of this dish such as huevos divorciados (Huevos Rancheros that uses two different salsas for every egg). Salsa used in this dish does not have to made from chili and tomato as well.

Okonomiyaki (Japan)

Okonomiyaki is a famous savory pancake of Japan. This pancake consists of many toppings. You can add shredded cabbage, leaks, meat, seafood, vegetables, mochi, or cheese. Sometimes Japanese chef also uses noodle as a topping choice to add more carbohydrates as well as giving it more texture. Okonomiyaki batters made of eggs, flour, and dashi or water. Although this dish is cooked in every region of Japan, they are associated with Kansai and Hiroshima area. Those two areas have different styles of delicious okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki from Kansai uses batters that already mixed with topping while Hiroshima-styled okonomiyaki stack batters and toppings one by one on the grill.

Croque Madame (France)

Croque Madame is a version of France’s simpler dishes, Croque Monsieur. Croque Madame is Croque Monsieur with addition of fried eggs. Croque Monsieur consists of fried or baked boiled ham stacked on a warm, melty grilled cheese sandwich served with velvety béchamel sauce. Gruyere cheese is often used in this dish as it adds nutty and earthy taste in the sandwich. Emmental cheese is also used for its mildly salty flavour and the same hard texture as gruyere cheese. Before stacked into this beautiful open sandwich, the bred is grilled at first. After stacked and topped with cheese, it is baked in the oven so that the cheese will be melted.

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