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Simple Steps in Cold Brewing Coffee


Some sips of cold coffee for crazy afternoon in the middle of work or relax Sunday with some friends will be very rejuvenating. It is such a perfect thirst quencher and also giving you a lets-go kick when you are too lazy. However, ice cold coffee is so last year. Now it is the time for a bottle of cold brew coffee.

Generally, cold brewing coffee process requires uncomplicated steps. The main principle of cold-brewing is soaking coffee in cold or room temperature water for some times and straining it when the process is done.

This brewing system results in lower acidity level of coffee. Without heat, chemical profile of the final brew is different than conventional brewed coffee. It is gentler for your stomach and tastes slightly sweeter. However, this coffee is more caffeinated because of high coffee ratio compared to the water. This high caffeine level is also produced by coffee soaking duration.

First step of cold brewing coffee is grinding roasted coffee beans. The coffee has to be very coarse, almost like consistency of breadcrumbs. Otherwise, final brew will be cloudy. 

The step after is soaking the coffee in cold, room temperature, or lukewarm water. This is a very easy method; you can steep the coffee everywhere as long as the container can hold coffee and water. However, for commercial use, operate cold brew coffee maker in bigger scale. Commercial Toddy maker is convenient to use while eccentric Japanese-style cold brew tower such as Yama and Hario can make an attractive accent in your coffee shop.

Commercial Toddy maker is simple equipment for your cold brew. Brewing coffee with this equipment basically has the same principle as making homemade cold brew coffee. This equipment consists of a brewing container with a lid, a faucet, a strainer, and a commercial filter. To brew it, ground coffee is put in the container that already covered by the strainer. After that, cold water is poured until it saturates all the ground coffee, and the tie the strainer. The next step is covering the lid and brewing the coffee for 8-16 hours. When the brewing process is done, coffee concentrate has to be strained into a storage container and refrigerate it.

Operating a cold brew tower is more complicated. Yet, it is absolutely more stylish and sophisticated. This is special equipment that enables water to pass through a layer of ground coffee drop by drop. The method results in milder, but more aromatic coffee. The first step to use the machine is putting coffee in the ground chamber above a filter. After that, water is poured to water chamber above the ground chamber. We can control drip speed using a valve. Water will slowly soak the coffee and the extract will flow into the lower container. This process ends in the almost same time as the previous method.

The final brew can be stored for two weeks as long as it is kept in sealed container. To sell this product, also think about the packaging. Sterilized bottles for individual drinks are a good option. Make eye-catching labels to create outstanding product that could be the new darling in your coffee shop. 

Text: Dina Vionetta

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