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"Rayakan Namamu" Campaign of Coca Cola


After a viral Share a Coke campaign, Coca Cola Indonesia launched a meaningful movement “Rayakan Namamu” campaign.

Debranding strategy of Coca Cola with Share a Coke campaign definitely attracts people, even the ones who do not really like the taste of Coca Cola. Dropping the brand’s name and replacing it with consumer’s name makes the brand even more personal. It also gives message of sharing when it is given as a present.

Coke bottle with its owner’s name is certainly a good social media material. It is going viral and people want to have their name on the bottle. A big, global brand suddenly feels so close and familiar.

It turns out that Share a Coke campaign does not stop in that point. Now, it carries a stronger message; to fight bullying.

In a press conference at Senayan (13/1), Communications Manager of Coca Cola Andrew Hallatu explained that “Rayakan Namamu” or “Celebrate Your Name” campaign is a continuation of Share a Coke campaign. 

When Share a Coke campaign spreads the message to embrace our name by displaying it on Coke’s packaging, Rayakan Namamu carries the message of being proud of our real name, not the one that given by our friend as a nickname.

There are many reasons of nickname-giving to a person. It can be a symbol of friendship, yet it can be a form of insults. The last is the one that Coca Cola aims to fight through this campaign.

“From UNICEF data, 50% of students experienced bullying in school and one of the form is name calling. It is a form of verbal bullying and can give huge impact. I have met a kid who does not want to go to school simply because she is bullied with the insulting nickname her schoolmate given to her,” stated Katyana Wardhana, a founder of SudahDong, an anti-bullying movement started in July 2014.

“Sometimes, we think it is okay to give our friend an insulting nickname. Maybe we think it is good as it is done with friendly approach. Some of us even think that it is an attempt to show our affection. Nevertheless, not everyone can accept it. Deep in their heart, they may hate it,” said psychologist Liza Marielly Djaprie.

This campaign is started with short video launching. This video consists of stories from three individual who experience verbal bullying by name calling. They represent all the victim of verbal bullying. 

Coca Cola’s “Rayakan Namamu” press conference was also attended by Indonesian artists Tulus, Giring Ganesha, and Tatjana Saphira who apparently experienced the same problem in their past.

“To support this campaign, people can participate in this movement by changing their profile picture and avatar on social media by accessing our website. We believe that every name contains hope and its own beauty. Together, we can spread positive messages and inspire others” said Marketing Manager of Coca Cola Indonesia Suryanto Gunawan.

To change profile picture and avatar to anti-bullying themed picture, have an access to After changing the picture, it can be automatically uploaded to Facebook and Twitter profile through twibbon. People can also share their name’s meaning through

Text: Dina Vionetta

Picture: Ogilvy/Coca Cola Indonesia

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