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ABUBA Wagyu Eating Competition


Are you hungry enough? How about eating one kilogram of steak?

Established on 1992, there are many classic things last in Abuba. One of them is using only charcoal grill in the kitchen rather than using modernized gas grill. Despite requiring longer time and more preparation, this method is believed to give unique and smoky flavour that does not change since Abuba opened for the first time.

Although ABUBA still maintains the old-school flavour and method, the promotion is getting various and more interesting. One of them is Wagyu Festival (WagyuFest) 2015 which marks the second times of this promotion after WagyuFest 2015. The promotion started in October and ended in November. 

During this promotion, customers who order Wagyu ABUBA can get free lemon tea while dessert is also free for the purchase of two wagyu package. Besides the in-store promo, Abuba hosted Photo Contest WagyuFest moment in social media includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with ABUBA Steak Voucher as the weekly prize and iPhone 6 as the grand prize. 

Not only the promotion, this December also comes with ABUBA’s brand new event. ABUBA Steak hosted Wagyu Eating Competition with the grand prize of Rp5,000,000 cash money and 10 ABUBA Steak vouchers for the next winners. The competition was held in 19 December 2015.

One kilogram which equals to five portions of wagyu steak 

ABUBA Wagyu Eating Competition was attended by 30 participants. The contest which involves fast-eating 1 kilogram of Wagyu Steak with potato and vegetables was divided into two sessions with 15 participants each. 

Hosted by MC TJ and Angga Saputra at ABUBA Steak Cipete, this competition aims to introduce ABUBA Steak’s best product which is Wagyu Steak and to celebrate year-end holiday.

MC TJ, Julhan (the winner of Wagyu Eating Competition), and MC Angga Saputra

Besides the eating competition, ABUBA also held acoustic music, interactive games, live tweet competition, and live photo competition at the event. The ABUBA Eating Competition winner who won Rp5,000,000 cash from this competition is Julhan from Jakarta who made to finish the steak in 5 minutes only. Congratulations!

Text: Dina Vionetta

Pictures: ABUBA Steak

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