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Fook Yew New Menu


Along with its third outlet opening in Mal Kelapa Gading 5, Fook Yew launched its series of new menu and Daily Mojo promotion.

Fook Yew opened its third outlet at Mal Kelapa Gading 5 following the success of the previous outlets at Gandaria City and Grand Indonesia. Adopting design of old-fashioned Chinese-pop street canteen for its interior and exterior while reinterpreting classic Shanghai comfort food concept for their dishes, Fook yew tries to bring colourful Shanghai street ambience to the busy life of Jakartans.

Along with the new outlets, Fook Yew also launched its new menu on an event themed Fook Yew Tea O’ Clock (17/7). Here are the menus we tasted.

Jinshan Phoenix Dumpling

Steamed dumplings with spinach, salted egg, and shrimp filling.

Shen Jiang Bao

Shen Jiang Bao is a signature menu of Fook Yew and hardly found at other Chinese restaurants. This is a kind of dumpling with skin made of pao dough base and cooked with pan-fried technique. 

Spinach and Salted Egg Shen Jiang Bao

It is a savory variant of Shen Jiang Bao with spinach and salted egg as the filling.

Peanut Butter Sheng Jian Bao

It is a sweet variant of Shen Jiang Bao with house-made peanut butter consists of ground peanut, sugar, and butter.

Crispy Go Hiong Cheong Fun

Crispy beancurd skin is filled with mixture made of minced mackerel fish, shrimps, and chicken. It is then wrapped in rice noodle layer. Crispy Go Hiong Cheong Fun is served with soy sauce and bokchoy.

Crispy Hor Fun with Beef in Douchi Sauce

Crispy fried rice noodle is bathed in thick sauce consists of douchi (fermented black bean paste) and cubed meat.

Crispy Roasted Pi Pa Duck with Master Hoong Sauce

A whole roasted duck with crispy skin is served with two kinds of Master Hoong’s secret sauce; one has a fruity sweet taste and the other has tangy and slightly spicy taste.

Hunan Noodle Soup with Yangtze Clams

Thin rice noodle soup with soft and mild flavoured broth comes from the combination of Asiatic hard clam, milk, and ginger.

Steamed Ma Lai Jiangnan Cake

Soft and light steamed cake with brown sugar taste. 

Fook Yew re-launched its Daily Mojo Program as well. Daily Mojo consists of Fook For Lunch package from 11 am to 3 pm every Monday to Friday (except public holiday), Dimsumania package from 3 pm to 6 pm every Monday to Friday (except public holiday), and Fookstagram which is a program aims to share people’s eating experience in Fook Yew through Instagram. 

To find out more about Daily Mojo, visit or Fook Yew social media accounts at,, and 

Text by: Dina Vionetta
Picture by: Fook Yew

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