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Taste of Philadelphia in a Stack of Burger


As a classic Philadelphian dish, Philadephia Cheese Steak has a long history. Taking back to the mid-1930s, the sandwich was originally consists of sliced steak and grilled onions without cheese before provolone cheese were added.

An authentic Philadelphia Cheese Steak usually consists of rib-eye or top round steaks which are grilled at medium temperature until they brown. After that, the steak sliced into pieces with spatula and topped with provolone cheese until it melts then stacked into Amoroso bread, a kind of Italian long bread produced by Amaroso Baking Company in Philadelphia. Common addition such as sautéed onions, mushrooms, peppers, and preferred sauce such as ketchup, chili sauce, mayonnaise, and mustard are often added.

Remaking the classic Philadelphia Cheese Steak may be not the easiest idea. However, we can still taste the Philadelphia Cheese Steak-inspired burger at all outlets of Carl’s Jr. Indonesia. Launched at the opening of Carl’s Jr. 15th outlet at Pacific Place Jakarta (17/12), this menu is predicted to be one of Carl’s Jr.’s most favourite burger.

This burger consists of seeded buns stacked with thinly-sliced steaks on top of char-grilled bun and finished off with peppers, onions, cheese, and mayonnaise. Philly Cheese Steak menu is priced at Rp58,000.

The New Outlet

Ribbon cutting on Pacific Place outlet's opening

Remarks the opening of 15th outlets of Carl’s Jr. located in Pacific Place Jakarta, Mahadya and the parent company of Carl’s Jr. CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. reveals the new look of the burger restaurant.

Providing an upgraded design with contemporary and stylish ambience, minor changes are also applied in the layout which one of them is moving the cashier near to the entrance in order to attract people with the choice of menu.

In less than third year, Mahadya has tripled the growth of Carl’s Jr. in Indonesia. One month after Pacific Place Jakarta outlet’s opening, Mahadya will open its 16th Carl’s Jr. outlet at Plaza Senayan. This achievement resulted in Mahadya awarded with Licensee of the Year award for Asia Pacific area during CKE’s Global Conference. 

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