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The First Certified Coffee Lab in Indonesia


As an SCAA Campus, Caswell’s Coffee is licensed to host SCAA Pathway Programs and Q Grader Sertification Course.

Caswell’s Coffee has been accredited as the first coffee lab in Indonesia to be certified as SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) Campus. Since 1st December 2015, Caswell’s Coffee is licensed to host SCAA Pathway Programs and Q Grader Certification Course. Both are internationally recognised programs designed by Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).

“From 2007, we’ve seen a significant increase of coffee connoisseurs in big cities especially Jakarta and Bali. They are not only drinking coffee to avoid drowsiness, but also to enjoy it and be critical about what they drink. Thus, we have to provide accessible information to them and this is the way to do that,” said Caswell’s Coffee Training and Development Coordinator Resiantri Triane.

SCAA Pathway Program includes Barista, Roaster, Coffee Buying, and Coffee Taster modules. This program is designed to give wide knowledge about coffee to participants, let them have hands-on experience with coffee, and provide extensive connections for those who want to have career in coffee industry.

“SCAA certificate will also help them to be more recognized in international level and it is very important for their portfolio,” said Caswell’s Coffee Marketing Manager Mira Yudhawati.

Meanwhile, Pre Q Class and Q Grader Certification Course are intended to train skilled coffee cuppers to objectively assess coffee quality, know the characteristic, analyse the defects, and acquaint them to common coffee industry terminology. These evaluations are based on particular scoring components.

Caswell’s Coffee Lab is located at Jalan Ampera No. 9, Jakarta Selatan. As one of the pioneers in specialty coffee market in Indonesia, Caswell’s Coffee is also a home for Barista Champions, a CQI Assistant Instructor, and a World Barista Sensory Judge.

“We are aware that we need to provide wide knowledge for our participants. It becomes the motivation for us to always keep up-to-date with growth of world coffee industry. This is why we always participate in numerous world coffee events,” said Mira.

The spacious coffee lab is also available to reserve if you want to host an event.

“We guarantee the quality of our products. Now, our concern is to socialize coffee culture and be a part of urban lifestyle; thinking about what to do over having this good cup of coffee,” said Mira and Resi. 

Text: Dina Vionetta
Picture: Caswell's Coffee

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