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Timtam and Besties, Great Together Campaign


TimTam launched their TimTam and Besties, Great Together campaign with Pevita Pearce as new ambassador.

TimTam of Arnott’s Indonesia introduced their new program, “TimTam and Besties, Great Together” on November 19th 2015. Pevita Pearce, Ambassador of TimTam with her best friends, Hashya Talitha and Sarah Deshita, starred in a TimTam TV Commercial demonstrating TimTam biscuit’s role for every social nester’s friendship.

“Social nesters, our main consumers, are young women ranged from 21 to 35 years old, who tried to balance social life with career, marriage, and kids. TimTam launched this program to remind all social nesters not to forget their best friends. One way to always keep the friendship is sharing the deliciousness of TimTam biscuits with best friends,” said Brand Manager of TimTam Indonesia Citra Yunika.

President Director of TimTam Indonesia Richard Fourie elaborated his reason of choosing Pevita Pearce as TimTam Brand Ambassador.

“Pevita is unique and very original. She is true to herself and stands for what she believes. Her characteristic represents ours as a unique chocolate snack with crunchy biscuit and smooth cream,” said Richard.

TimTam also introduced the characteristic of this biscuit, “Smooth and Crunchy”.

“Biscuits are mainly associated with crunchiness. However, TimTam combines the crunchiness with smoothness of the filling cream and the richness of chocolate glaze. That’s where our ‘Smooth and Crunchy’ tagline came from,” said Citra.

TimTam will also collaborate with Liberica Coffee Gandaria City on creating TimTam Lounge. This spot will be dedicated for young women to celebrate their friendship. To join this campaign, TimTam welcomes its lovers to share stories about best friends in TimTam’s instagram account @TimTamlicious.

Text and Picture: Dina Vionetta

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